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Matthew Carriere

Matthew Carriere is a co-founder and Software Development Manager at Dynamic Owl Consulting. Before joining Dynamic Owl, Matthew founded Black Ninja Software which focused on custom software solutions for his clients. Matthew drives the development teams at Dynamic Owl and is responsible for making sure the projects are delivered on time and on budget with an eye towards craftsmanship. Matthew is a cloud first developer and focuses his energy on building solutions in or leveraging the cloud. Not only a strong SharePoint developer, Matthew blogs about startups and Ruby on Rails development at

Shereen Qumsieh

Shereen Qumsieh, Co-Founder and Principal SharePoint Architect at Dynamic Owl is a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Developer with extensive experience architecting and developing custom solutions for the SharePoint Server platform. Shereen is responsible for ensuring that the solution architecture supports the best features and leverages the best experiences available in the SharePoint platform. She has the mastery required to solve the toughest infrastructure and development related challenges our clients face.

Kaveh Eshghi

Kaveh Eshghi, SharePoint Development Lead at Dynamic Owl holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Simon Fraser University and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He is an enthusiastic software developer, who is active in the software community and often finds himself answering questions on Stack Overflow. Kaveh has been working with the .Net framework for the majority of his career, developing all kinds of applications, but is now focused on building SharePoint applications.